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The very first album – recorded in 1999 – 2000. This album features an Epiphone Acoustic and the Santucci Ten String Treblebass – with the bass being fretless.

Power Fields:

Patrick’s 2nd album – and the first album to be recorded in Cleveland with engineer Jay Bentoff. It features the Wechter Pathmaker acoustic and the fretted version of the Ten String Treblebass.

Vortex of Discovery:

By the third album, Patrick had abandoned the Treblebass altogether in favor of an all-acoustic album, which is the approach he still takes today. The album still features the Wechter Pathmaker guitar.

Gone Before Morning:

Patrick’s 4th album – and the first to have co producer Brian Henke working in the studio, and the new acoustic custom Donohue guitar. The Donohue guitar was a big step forward in the recorded sound of Patrick’s acoustic work, and produced a much needed bigger tone and more clarity in the production.

Candlelight Utopia:

The 5th album, with Brian Henke stepping in again to produce. This has a couple of tracks where Patrick has electric guitar to accompany his acoustic in songs like “Dreaming Under City Lights” and “Seasons on Mars.”